Mid 6


Mid 6


מידע נוסף

"I feel Billy has blended the 6 channels perfectly. They are not so aggressive that they track in turns at all. It’s very easy to break a line or adjust your arc length anywhere on the wave’s face. With the channels balanced between your feet, when you push hard through a turn the response is immediate and the acceleration throughout is like no other board I have ever owned. It definitely breaks the channel bottom stereotype that they're only good in clean waves. I'm loving it in everything!" – Harley Ingleby


Volume Thick Width Length
40.3 liters 2 5/8 20 1/2" 7'0”
47.9 liters 2 3/4 21” 7'6”
50.6 liters 2 3/4 20 1/4" 7'10”