Ocean Tracer


Ocean Tracer


מידע נוסף

The Ocean Tracer is for the surfer who wants to surf with style, travelling the globe searching for euphoria.

This mid length single fin converts burgers into fun sessions and hollow breaks into memorable moments of serious choob time.

With its ‘fun' out line, performance contours and pulled in tail, the Ocean Tracer will surprise even the the most experienced surfer.

The wide point forward gets you in early to choose your line while the subtle bottom contours and pulled in tail lock you in as the wave steepens.

The foiled rail to tail provides stability and hold allowing the single fin to coil and release off the bottom resulting in that feeling only a single fin can deliver.

Swoop and glide in knee high to overhead walls will leave you with a feeling…

a feeling of ‘euphoria'.


RECOMMENDED BETWEEN:  5'9" and 7’10" sizes.