Surge Texcarbon


Surge Texcarbon


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The SURGE SUP surfing paddle is for paddlers who want catch more waves and surf better with less fatigue during long sessions. Whether you are hunting barrels on the North Shore or styling your local beach break, the Surge is designed to deliver power and comfort. Lightweight and durable, the Surge combines exceptional power, blade stability and dynamic flex to help you paddle faster into waves and enhance your surfing, while protecting your body from injury during long sessions.

The Surge was designed to meet SUP surfers’ specific needs and has become the paddle of choice for many APP World Tour athletes including; Mo FreitasLeco SalazarWellington ReisLara ClaydonVania Torres Olivieri and more.

Thanks to its high power to weight ratio and comfortable slim shaft the Surge is also the recommended paddle for SUP Foiling and is the paddle of choice for pioneers of downwind foiling including M20 Champion Annie Reickert, as well as Finn SpencerJeffrey Spencer and more.


Shaft Diameter (mm) STANDARD (29) S L I M (26.5) S L I M (26.5) S L I M (26.5) S L I M (26.5)
Actual Size (cm2) 568 545 519 485 446
Actual Size (in2) 88.0 84.5 80.4 75.2 69.1
Paddler Weight (KG) 80 – 105 70 – 95 60 – 85 50 – 75 40 – 65
Paddler Weight (lbs) 175 – 230 155 – 210 130 – 185 110 – 165 85 – 140